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Coping Activities part 3

Mental health is just like physical health – we have to take care of it!  Part of taking care of your mental health is finding ways to cope in challenging times. Finding time to appreciate and soak in Nature is a great way to cope. It’s a free activity you can almost always do.  Whether you live in town or in the country, you can always find Nature.  It’s all around you – in your backyard, in the forest, in a park…it’s everywhere.  Being out in Nature and discovering little things about it is very good for your mental health. Being in Nature has emotional benefits, intellectual benefits, and physical benefits. There are tons of things you can do from scavenger hunts, to building forts, to taking a nap in a hammock…and if you are a parent finding your way onto this blog, the website below has some good ideas for getting your kids out and about:

Ideas for Getting Your Kids into Nature

So get out there!  Come on out, the weather’s fine!

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